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Ordering and Pickup Details

Beef can be ordered online at any time and picked up at the store Monday-Saturday at a time selected by you.  In-store shopping is available Saturdays from 10am-12pm or any day Monday-Saturday by appointment.  (If we are not able to open the store on any given Saturday we will update our Facebook page as best we can with those details by Friday night)

To place an order:
- Add items to the cart
- Enter contact information and pickup time
- "Checkout" (Payment of card can be made at checkout or "Cash on Delivery" can be selected to pay by cash/check at pickup)

Orders placed online will not be finalized until a pickup time and date is selected. 

Please check your email for an order confirmation!  If you do not receive anything your order did not go through.

Pickup orders at the beef store that sits across the street from the house and barn at 605 Plaza Drive, Annville.  Someone will meet you there at your selected time. 

Please remember this is a working farm and if you arrive early or not at your day/time when we are expecting you, we may not be able to help you with your order.  Joel takes care of all orders and will mostly be around watching within 15 minutes of your pickup time but could very likely not be there if he is not expecting you.  If you arrive and no one shows up to your car within 5-10 minutes please call/text Joel at 717-644-5975.  Please do not go to the house as they will not be able to help you.

"Ready for Pickup" emails/texts will be sent out anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour before your selected pickup time as a reminder.  This email does not necessarily mean we are at the store ready for you to show up.  We always plan on your selected pickup time, give or take a few minutes, and not anywhere before or after 20-30 minutes. If running late or ahead of schedule by more than 30 minutes please try to call/text/email us to let us know and we will do our best to be available.  Most of the time this should not be an issue but during our busy summer-fall months this could be a problem as we are often away from the farm working.

We will try to stick around waiting for you for 20-30 minutes max.  After that, or if you have completely forgotten, please reach out to give us a new time.

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