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Our Story

Nearly 100 years ago Noah Smith moved from Virginia to the rich fertile farmlands of the Lebanon Valley and bought a farm in Annville.  Within a few years, his son Jacob began to specialize in the production of milk from a herd of Guernsey cattle.  In the early years, much of the milk in the Lebanon Valley went to the Hershey factory to produce milk chocolate.


Several years later, Jacob and wife Mary, took the opportunity to purchase a farm adjacent to the original one.  In 1970, second and third generations, Jacob, and son Robert, opened a dairy retail market named Ja-Mar Dairy and sold their fresh Guernsey milk.  

Jacob and Mary in their store holding their Ja-Mar Dairy bag of milk

Jacob and son Robert

In 1979 fourth generation son, David, returned from college to join the Lebanon Valley Farms operation.  The dairy store closed in the late 80's and a shift was made to focus on the dairy herd and production of crops.  In the following years the farm was operated by Robert and sons David, Dale, and Tom.

Robert and Betty with sons Tom and wife Sandi; Dave and wife Sharon, and children Erin and Joel; and Dale and wife Jana 

Today, fifth generation farmer, Joel, partners with his father David to operate the JDS Family Farm growing corn, wheat, soybeans, and hay while raising dairy replacement heifers for a neighboring farm.  For years, the Smith family has specialized in growing and selling their sweet corn, in addition to other fresh seasonal produce grown locally.

Now you can purchase and enjoy their own homegrown beef from beef cattle they have begun raising as well!

Dave, Robert, Joel


Sharon, Dave, Betty, Robert, Addie, Joel


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